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Lots Of Truly Unique Silver - Our Signature Jewelry Line


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Lotus wholesale jewelry contains a wide variety of sterling silver and silver plated earrings, bracelets, pendants, and barrettes.  Many pieces are accented with authentic abalone, glass, crystal, synthetic turquoise, and black onyx, as well as other unique styles.  Lotus has something to appeal to everyone!  All Lotus items are double protected from wear and tarnish through rhodium plating and a final in-house process to enhance your customers' satisfaction.
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          37645 Black          37645 Blue 37645 Red
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 38124 38125 38126
 38127 Lotus Jewelry 18977
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Lotus Advantages

1.  Customized displays can be set up multiple ways, depending on the product you choose.

2.  Wholesale Jewelry comes pre-priced at your chosen mark-up.

3.  Jewelry can be bar-coded by item number or price point.

4.  All the jewelry is treated with an anti-tarnish finish.

5.  All displays are offset with FREE product at RETAIL.