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Gregorian Incorporated is an American owned and operated wholesale jewelry supplier and jewelry manufacturer.  Almost smack dab in the center of the country in Lemmon, South Dakota, Gregorian has more than twenty year's experience supplying the wholesale jewelry market with quality and innovative products of sterling silver jewelry, silver plated jewelry, fine copper jewelry and other relevant items to our retail, tourism and gift jewelry clients.

The Benefits

  • Our jewelry is up-to-date with current fashion trends and documented best selling items.

  • Superior production standards, quality and satisfaction guarantees.

  • 20 plus years of experience in the wholesale jewelry, fashion and gifts industries.

  • Wide range of styles, colors and products to choose from.

  • Standardized merchandizing platforms takes the guess work out of product selection

The Quality Guarantee

Gregorian Incorporated's vast experience and quality control methods allow us to produce truly high quality products. Our products are all guaranteed for satisfaction and quality. Your satisfaction is insured by a 100% money back guaranteed on all our products.

The Price

Our close relationship with production facilities, allows us to provide quality products at discounted prices. There are no middlemen. This insures the lowest operating costs possible and we pass that savings on to our customers.

Contact Information  

Phone:  1-800-658-5534        
Fax:  1-605-374-3194      
Email:  sales@gregorianinc.com


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Lotus Jewelry


Lotus Jewelry - The Right Product at the Right Price. A wide variety of quality jewelry including: Sterling Silver, Shell, Agate, Crystal, and Stone. Competitively priced.  Our signature line with many years of success, a complete Lotus display is sure to have something to appeal to young and old, traditional and trendy.  . 


Classy Casuals Jewelry

Classy Casuals
offers you a wide variety of high quality jewelry at excellent prices. Each gem is hand-crafted by professional craftsmen using precious metals and crystal clear jewelers' resin, creating a unique piece of jewelry each time.  Many of the Classy Casuals products are made of domestic materials and assembled in our home office by our own staff!

Fashion Accessories/Gifts

Stylish and Colorful fashion accessories including Flip-Flops and Jewelry. Unique and original gifts including Candles and Copper postcards.  Not only are these items a fit for almost any type of retail environment, they're a serious profit turner!  Don't wait another minute.  Contact us today for a complete explanation of how these products can be a fit with your business.